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Independent Advisory and Non Executive Director services - focussed on Strategy, Enabling Change, Risk and Governance Oversight.
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Advisory Training & Consulting

Advisory roles are similar in nature to non-executive except for the absence of the employment status and fiduciary duty. It is often a "first step" in the Company's progression to more formal Non Executive oversight, often following on from early stage informal Mentoring and Coaching.

Jeremy is an experienced Mentor, Coach and Trainer

  • Mentoring support providided to a diverse range and number of businesses through the Chambers of Commerce, Institute of Directors and Mentoring Scotland
  • Mentoring and Advisory support provided to the Princes Trust
  • Training provided across the UK to large and small businesses - now specialising in practical business control & finance for small businesses, start-ups, and senior managers
  • Associate Lecturer with Edinburgh Napier University Business School, delivering Finance / Risk / GovernanceTraining

Maximising your business performance
People talk about the "tough economic times" - but you choose whether you see this as an obstacle or an opportunity. Prepare to succeed - or prepare to fail.
Either way - there are key questions you need to ask regarding your business effectiveness. Strong evolving businesses ask these questions not once - but regularly review whether they are maximising their potential:
  • What is your proposition in the market, and do you actually deliver what you think you do
  • Is your marketing focussed on the right segments, with the righ message. Your Brand is not just your name, but how your product, service, message, behaviours, and customer experiences all resonate together.
  • Do you have an effective Governance, Risk and Compliance policy with controls in place to protect your business against fraud and ensure you meet any compliance requirements for your business. When you work with big partners - what Due Diligence is undertaken and how does your "Corporate Governance" stand up to scrutiny
  • Are your promotional, distribution, and sales management processes aligned - are you really putting across to your prospective customers the real value of your product or solutions. If they only close 1 deal in 10, they are wasting 90% of their time.
  • Do you manage your networks effectively
  • Are you really looking after your customers? It costs far more to find a new one than to look after an existing one.How do you make sure you are getting the best out of your staff
  • Are you trying to restructure and need an experienced manager to provide temporary assistance? Getting this wrong could create a skills vacuum and and "incompetency gap".
  • Do you need access from time to time to business experience and knowledge? Why struggle when help is just a phone call away?

Change is the only constant in every modern business – regardless of size. To succeed, businesses need both people, teams - and leaders - that are able to change. Focus is often on people and their behaviours, the way they do things, their relationships and their processes.

But Leaders need to change too, and "two heads are better than one". The independent external perspective is often the key ingredient that can provide the "light bulb moment". This is why Drachen was established - to provide flexible solutions to businesses to help them with these issues.

More Information

Practical based workshops – combining knowledge, application and practical exercises to ensure the outcome is the ability to apply the learning to individual situations and businesses. Workshop activities can be tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and corporate employees. The workshop goals are to focus on providing Non Finance people with an understanding of money matters relating to their business, to enable them to understand and therefore run (and be seen to run) or contribute to their businesses more effectively.
(These can be delivered via an intense 2 day "crash course" or via a series of upto 8 modular workshops to explore issues in more depth, and to examine business investment decisions, Risk and Governance)

· Every participant is offered 1-1 post workshop support, (phone / email) to follow up any specifics relating to their ability to use the knowledge in their own specific situations
· Workshops can be customised to meet individual or group needs - as required.


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